Wednesday, 1 December 2010

........and a partridge in a pear treeee!

Well I hope you're all inside today. I'm in the house and the snow has not stopped all day. I've been sipping on hot chocolate all day to keep warm. I've been busy making some purses for my friend who wants to customize them so her friends have her name on. A great Idea for Christmas presents. I'll post them as soon as there finished. I've also been busy designing some funny creature ideas for christmas cards. I've also been waiting for a potentially exciting phone call today but looking at the time I'm guessing they won't be calling me today :( Maybe tomorrow fingers crossed. It could be very exciting indeed. I have some more exciting things to tell you but I want the products first before I say hehe! Anyway It's the first of December today so her's a little festive image for you (another one but hey it is Christmas). I hope you like it.........I love it but is it to plain? Comments please and have a lovely evening.
    Hi-am I to plain??

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