Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy halloween

Oh I am sorry, I am such a terrible blogger at the moment. I've been doing alot of freelancing lately and have just been to busy to actually sit down and blog. I've got lots to share with you so once things calm down a bit I'll be back on it. Anyway today is Ha Ha Halloween. How exciting, are you ready to be spooked tonight? I've got a big bag of goodies for treat or treaters so I hope we get some visitors. I thought I'd share my pumpkin with you today........I carved it ridiculously quickly so it's not my best attemp but it helps create a spooky mood none the less. Well I hope you have a happy halloween and don't get to scared ha ha Haaaaa!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Guten tag from Austria

Hi  guy's, todays post is from Austria! Me and Mr G are in here visiting his sister as she has recently given birth. Our little nephew is beautiful and such a good little boy. It will be hard to leave him. Yesterday we went for a lovely walk in the woods, followed by a BBQ in the sun :) Today we all went for a hike up the side of a mountain and then ate a ridiculous amount of cake! Tomorrow we are off to the Zoo and hopefully I will get some inspirational shots for you all to see.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Have you got a secret?

I bought this book "You're secret" by Frank Warren for My Husbands birthday last year. I happened to be looking through my bookshelf for some inspiration and I was reminded of this book so I started reading it again. I forgot how amazing it was. It's basically a collection of postcards, designed by the people that sent them with their secrets on them. The Author Frank Warren asked people to send them in to him for the postsecret community to help people get through various problems in their life. Reading through peoples various secrets was funning,warming and at times I was moved to tears. Most people do have secrets, some good and some bad but either way it's a moving collection. I strongley recommend the book or better still if you have a secret write a postcard to the postsecret community  (click on link for more info) you never know you might inspire or help someone get through something the didn't think they could.

This is my favourite!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

FiFi Lapin

I recently stumbled upon Fifi Lapin while in my local Paperchase. I had to buy the card below as my mum was trying to give me design ideas and she said "why don't you design a cat wearing a raincoat" I thought this was a rather bizarre thing to come out with and she kept going on about it so when I saw this cat on this card I thought wow, mum really was onto something here! How gorgeous is this card? I bought it and sent it to her to prove her idea wasn't as crazy as I first thought. The star of this card however is not the cat but the rabbit. The rabbit is called FiFi Lapin and she is the coolest rabbit around. She a fashionista and a heiress. All her brothers and sisters died of myxomatosis when she was 1yr old and she was the only one who survived so her parents spoil het. You really should have a look at her blog. It's full of her wearing gorgeous clothes from the latest catwalk-it's just brilliant! Click here to see.

The card I bought my mum.......on her mantle!

Fifi Lapin in the latest Moschino- what a gal!

Monday, 10 October 2011

News from Reetsweet

Sorry for the lack of posts. As you can imagine I was crafting like mad and last week I was doing some freelance in house at my old company so by the time I got home and carried on with my other work blogging got pushed aside. Anyway I had a fab time crafting at Reetsweet. I met some really lovely people and I even got approached by a stockists which is really exciting! I can't wait to do it again. The talent out there is unreal. Here are a few pics of my stall and thanks to everyone who helped me last weekend. On another note I sold some more designs last week with my agent to so it really has been all go but I couldn't be happier :)

What an amazing venue!