Wednesday, 12 October 2011

FiFi Lapin

I recently stumbled upon Fifi Lapin while in my local Paperchase. I had to buy the card below as my mum was trying to give me design ideas and she said "why don't you design a cat wearing a raincoat" I thought this was a rather bizarre thing to come out with and she kept going on about it so when I saw this cat on this card I thought wow, mum really was onto something here! How gorgeous is this card? I bought it and sent it to her to prove her idea wasn't as crazy as I first thought. The star of this card however is not the cat but the rabbit. The rabbit is called FiFi Lapin and she is the coolest rabbit around. She a fashionista and a heiress. All her brothers and sisters died of myxomatosis when she was 1yr old and she was the only one who survived so her parents spoil het. You really should have a look at her blog. It's full of her wearing gorgeous clothes from the latest catwalk-it's just brilliant! Click here to see.

The card I bought my mum.......on her mantle!

Fifi Lapin in the latest Moschino- what a gal!

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