Monday, 17 October 2011

Have you got a secret?

I bought this book "You're secret" by Frank Warren for My Husbands birthday last year. I happened to be looking through my bookshelf for some inspiration and I was reminded of this book so I started reading it again. I forgot how amazing it was. It's basically a collection of postcards, designed by the people that sent them with their secrets on them. The Author Frank Warren asked people to send them in to him for the postsecret community to help people get through various problems in their life. Reading through peoples various secrets was funning,warming and at times I was moved to tears. Most people do have secrets, some good and some bad but either way it's a moving collection. I strongley recommend the book or better still if you have a secret write a postcard to the postsecret community  (click on link for more info) you never know you might inspire or help someone get through something the didn't think they could.

This is my favourite!

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