Friday, 1 April 2011

Introducing Robert Gemmel!

I thought I'd share something different with you today and that is the talents of my other half Rob. He is very creative like myself and loves to make things. You may have heard me mention that he's a wizz at sewing to! Anyway Robs talents are endless. He bakes, does wood carvings and sculpture. The below wood carving is one he has just started and needs alot of work. Once he finishes it he will then gloss it and it will look brilliant. The picture underneath is a devil sculpture, slightly dark I know but I think you'll agree it's fantastic. He's missing an ear because we keep him in the celler as he's so scary and he fell off the wall and lost his ear. It shattered into a million pieces so we couldn't save it.  He has also done other sculptures, again some are damaged but I'll post them on when I get more pics. I will post pictures up of the woodcarving when it's done also and come back tomorrow and I will post pictures of some of the cakes he's made.

Wood carving work in progress

Not a great photo but very scary!

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