Thursday, 12 April 2012


Hello, I hope you all had a fab easter. Today I want to talk about Typography. When I'm designing I sometimes like to draw my own fonts as they are more personal to me and sometimes I can't find a suitable font for the look I want to achieve. It's quite time consuming but very worth while. I have a least 3 different fonts that I've drawn the whole alphabet for but am always adding to my collection. The right sort of font can really change the whole look of a card or print. I'm really picky about fonts and can spend a considerable amount of time looking for the right look. Maybe you can start drawing your own. Here's an example of mine below.


  1. Brilliant. Mine would never look as good as that

  2. I hate scrolling through my endless list of fonts and often end up sketching my own! These look lovely all together would make a great fabric!x

  3. Thank you very much for your lovely comments :)