Friday, 12 November 2010

Little Birds

I'm noticing that I seem to be quite obsessed with designing birds at the moment.  I think they would look nice on kitchen textiles. I'm thinking of getting the first print made into a Canvas. It would look lovely on my wall.  I just Love them!  I've spent today contacting people.  It really takes such a long time and I'd much prefer to be designing in that time but when you're starting out you've got to get those contacts and say yes to every job until you've got a name for yourself and hopefully one day people will be hunting me down to work with me. It's definatley tough going freelance but I wouldn't change it now. I never thought I'd ever have the courage to do it but here I am and I am going to make it work so In the meantime if anyone reading this knows anyone that wants a versitile designer to work with them tell them of me :) ................................

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