Monday, 15 August 2011

Alnwick Gardens

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my sisters wedding venue which is at Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland. We had a fantastic lunch in the tree house (of which I forgot to take pictures- Sorry!) and then went on to explore the Gardens and water features. It's a very busy place and ideal for kids. There was a rather interesting section called the poisonous Garden which took you on a tour of some killer plants. Did you know Rosemary or Rhubarb leaves were killers? No neither did I! I really enjoyed it. If you are ever up in Northumberland it's definitely worth a visit. We were there all day! I took a few photos but please forgive me-I am an appalling photographer (you can probably see my finger covering the lens on some shots :D

Fantastic water feature with my mad family in background

You had to walk through this without getting wet-very funny


This baby bird lost his mum but don't fear he found her!

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