Thursday, 1 September 2011


As you all know it was my birthday on Tuesday and to say I was spoilt rotten is an under statement! I got loads of amazing bits and pieces and some of those i'd like to share with you as I think you'll enjoy them too. I got two big beautiful books and some of Sukie's cute paper bags from my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. I don't think I can bring myself to use the Sukie bags. They are far to pretty to give away. I will just look at them adoringly now and again. I also got Decorate by Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick. For those of you who don't know Holly has a fantastic blog called decor8 It's full of design ideas and decorating tips for the home. It's one of the best decorating blogs i've seen anyway. I also got a fab book called 1000 Handmade greetings which is a book full of handmade greeting card ideas. If you know me you will know how fabulous a present this is for me as I'm obsessed with greeting cards! Please click on the links.

OOOOh so pretty!

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