Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My new Christmas card range “Cosy Christmas"

Well it’s officially Christmas month so I thought it was about time that I told you all about my new christmas card range called “Cosy Christmas”. I tried to keep this range a bit more traditional and stick to the usual greeting card size format rather then doing an unusual shape or size.

I was inspired to design “Cosy Christmas” purely because I love the woodland trends that have been around this year and designing animals and creatures is my most favourite thing to design.  I know santa and baubles are not woodland but they still play a huge part in being cosy and warm when you are at home on christmas day.

I wanted you to get a sense of warmth when you look at the cards so the colour palette had to be right. I really like bright colours and colours that clash. I love how the red is really prominent in this range even though its only featured a small bit on some of the cards. I also really like the clash with the red and the teal.

The range consists of 8 designs and come with a brown craft envelope-perfect for christmas! They are available to buy here on my website memelou.com.

Have a lovely day!

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