Friday, 24 October 2014

My first trade fair

Oh my oh my..........It’s been a rather quiet week here at memelou so I decided it was time to take the plunge and book a trade fair. I’ve put it off for the last couple of years mainly due to funds, having the confidence, the ranges and starting a family.

Memelou is run on a shoestring budget. I do freelancing to pay for memelou and of course to survive. The result being that memelou has took a very long time to get to this point. I’ve also had my little Oliver in the middle of this so I freelance and do memelou to fit around him as many mum’s who do this it is not an easy task!

I’m quite an impulsive person so if I decide to do something I almost do it instantly. Although I have thought about doing a tradeshow for a long time it just wasn’t possible until now so on Monday I decided to do one and by Tuesday I had booked it! It was between Top drawer and Progressive greetings live.

I decided Topdrawer was too short notice to get everything ready for January so I decided to go with Progressive greetings live as thats in June next year which gives me ample time to plan. They have a section for newbies like me called Springboard so it’s pretty perfect.

So now the fun starts..........LOTS of planning to do but I’m so glad I’ve took the plunge and am giving memelou the chance to meet the world. I’m excited.....and nervous!

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