Monday, 12 March 2012

Made in yorkshire

Oh dear, I've been a VERY bad blogger recently. Usually when I don't blog it's because I have been very busy so I hope you can understand. I've been working very hard on making purses for my new stockists "The Bowery" in Leeds which is so exciting as some of the fabrics have been designed by myself! I have also been featured on their website as a made in yorkshire artist (see below) so I'm thrilled. I've also been trying to do my projects for the art & business of surface pattern design course which has been tricky with my workload (***Please note Module 3 starts in April so there is still time to register for this amazing course. Click on link for more info) and freelancing for one of my usual clients so I really have, as you can see been swamped but it's all really exciting stuff. This is what I have been dreaming of......I'm really excited.

Check out me on The Bowery website!! 

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