Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I love Garden Gnomes!

Something very odd has happened to me recently.............I've started an obsession with garden Gnomes! This is very bizarre as I used to hate them. If I saw them in someones garden I would cringe. With the weather being so nice recently I've been thinking about what to do with our garden and how to brighten it up (and thats where the Gnomes come in). I still shudder when I think of my garden full of different posing traditional gnomes in the dungarees or floral dresses but when I saw some gnomes in solid bright colours my thoughts changed. I can totally imagine a bright pink or bright green gnome living in there. I love bright colours so I think it's what the garden needs. Block colour Gnomes are really hard to find if they're not in candle form so I will probably have to purchase a couple of the traditional ones and spray paint them in my favourite colours. The metallic Gnome below is from heals and the two candle gnomes are from rice. The others are from Pinterest.

Ok I totally make an exception for these little guys as they are so cute!


  1. weird as I also have an obession with them (though have always liked them)- i have just purchased some vintage 'david the gnome' gnomes - i will post a photo on my blog when they arrive! Hope you're well xx

  2. oh yes post a picture! Can't wait to see them . I'm great thanks. Hope you are too. I will need to do another resweet soon! xx

  3. Those garden gnomes are adorable - I want one! (I too shared the 'dislike' of the traditional gnome!)

  4. The one you've shared in the last picture is so adorable!!! WOW!!
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