Friday, 24 June 2011

A inspirational evening

Oh dear oh dear. I'm not having much luck with technology at all today. The internet won't work on my lovely Mac so I'm having to do blogger today from a pc and my Mac wont let me save any images from it to my hard drive ( it must know it's friday so it's being a bit naughty) therefore I can't share any new artwork with you today so insted I thought I'd share with you what I got up to last night...... Well I was invited to the open evening of James Michelsbergs new shop in the Victorian quater of Leeds. James is a tailor (and a lovely man) and has just bought his own shop. He made Rob and my Dads suit for my wedding. It was a lovely evening and was very inspiring as he did a lovely speech about how having his own shop had always been his dream and 5years ago when he decided to be a tailor he could never have imagined he would get this far. I think it's so imported to support local businesses and individuals, especially in times like the present. James has been an inspiration to me and I left the evening feeling very positive about what I could achieve in the future. If you have a dream, work at it and never give up........they do come true :)

Sorry picture is a bit blurred. Mum had to much champange and Dad was off mingling at that point so we took it ourselves!

The grand opening!
Mum and Dad talking to Mr Dorma-who is the founder of Dorma cloth-mixing with fabric gods :)


  1. Really inspiring post - I love your design work. Am currently working on my own patterny dreams :-) x

  2. Hi Georgia, I'm so pleased it inspired you. Good luck with your patterny dreams x