Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Snap shots from Rome!

Heres a few pics Rob and I took in Rome. We did go to the Sistine chapel and Museum also but typically Robs super duper camera ran out of battery!! The ceiling in the Sistine chapel is breathtaking but you're just going to have to take my word for it unless you do a search on the net as I have no pics :( Rome is such a beautiful city. The architecture is outstanding not to mention the food. It is however rather expensive so if you're planning a trip be sure to save your pennies. I don't want to ruin a potential trip to Rome for anyone by putting loads of pictures on so here's a little taster and a few funnies to!
The Coliseum

Beautiful gardens in Rome

View from the spanish steps

The car of choice FIAT!

The Vatican from our hotel window

An old fashioned lift at our hotel.......which I loved

Me and Rob at the Trevi Fountain

Throwing a coin in and making a wish!

One for the album!

Me and Rob on the Spanish steps

Me and the pope (robs trick photography) at Vatican

Ceiling inside St peters Basillica

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