Monday, 20 June 2011

My Little Office sneak peek

Morning! I thought I'd share with you the development of my teeny tiny office.  It hasn't moved on much from last time I shared photos with you as It's been so mad with the wedding. As my office is in a corner of the spare room and I don't have much storage space in my house, most of the wedding stuff was kept in spare room, not really allowing much room to move! However thats all gone now so I've started developing it.  We need to keep the spare room as a bedroom really as we do get alot of visitors-especially our parents! Anyway I like it. It's very cosy and gives me the room I need to be creative (the kitchen table really wasn't comfortable).  I feel like finally things are really coming together in my freelance journey :)


Say hello to my little friend :)

Books and candles-to keep me calm

A tiny selection of inspiration-Typically full of wedding cards haha!

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