Tuesday, 7 June 2011

An Italian souvenir.........Chip and dip bowl

Today I want to share with you some espresso cups and dip bowls I bought in South of Italy in a small town called Prostiano. Now, some  of you may think the designs are very naive but I love that look so had to buy them. They were all hand painted and in many different colours so when they were all displayed together it looked really effective. Many of the Restaurants in the town used had the table wear with these designs on and it really looked lovely. Unfortunately I wasn't aloud to take photos. I think the sqid is my favourite (remember it was by the sea). Each time I have an espresso or bowl of peanuts I'm reminded of my amazing honeymoon. Really wish I'd bought the plates now although I doubt they would have arrived home in one piece. I hope these inspire you in some way. I know they've inspired me.

Chip and dip bowls with a funny chicken in centre.

Espresso cups with Squid, puffer fish, chicken and birdy

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